Anniversary Things

This weekend, Dave and I celebrated our 4 YEAR anniversary!  I love celebrating our Anniversaries because there can never be too many days spent being happy to have one another 🙂

Starting the weekend off with these surprise beautiful flowers at work just made my day!  Dave is the best!

We spent the weekend downtown, puppy-sitting for this little cutie, Marty.  He kept us busy and we could not get enough of his fuzzy little face!  I love him!

Of course we ate tons of delicious food… drinks… and even got to meet up with my favorites, Allie (of All I Eat Food) and Jay for dinner on Friday night.


Despite a few setbacks (broken leg, flat tire, missing dinner reservations…) we had an absolutely amazing weekend together.  Thanks Dave for the best 4 years I could ask for!  


Oh, and here’s our VERY FIRST pic together!  This was taken just after the Phillies won the World Series 🙂