Miso Glazed Salmon

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BAM!  And just like that, I’m back for the second day in a row.

Was actually really shocked that I have not yet written a post for you about this salmon.  It’s like… my new favorite recipe.  I think I’ve made this three or four times so far- which is a lot for someone who rarely repeats one recipe twice.

This salmon recipe obviously uses Miso- which sounded a little intense for me at first… until I went to Whole Foods and bought a container of it and realized how silly it was for me to think that.  It’s kept in the refrigerated section and lasts forever.  Just go buy a container and leave it in your fridge for a great dressing recipe (such as this one… ) or to make the salmon again like I did.

Miso Glazed Salmon


  • 1/4 cup packed Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons Low-Sodium Soy Sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons Hot Water
  • 2 Tablespoons White Miso Paste
  • 4 (6-ounce) Salmon Fillets (about 1 inch thick) 
  • Cooking spray 
  • 1 Tablespoon chopped Fresh Chives


  1. Preheat broiler.
  2. Combine first 4 ingredients, stirring with a whisk. Arrange fish in a shallow baking dish coated with foil & cooking spray. Spoon miso mixture evenly over fish.
  3. Broil 8-10 minutes or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork, basting twice with miso mixture. Sprinkle with chives.

Recipe from:  Cooking Light, 2002

So so so so good.  For some reason, every single time I’ve baked salmon this way, it has been SUPER moist and so delicious.  Keep your eye on the salmon in the oven because you don’t want to dry it out.  It does not need that much time so don’t forget about it!

photo 1 (3)

I like to make 4 fillets so Dave and I can each eat one for dinner and eat one for lunch the following day over a salad.  YUM.  This time, I served the salmon with a small Baked Potato & Sauteed Spinach w/ Garlic & Grape Tomatoes.  You could serve this salmon with any green and it would be great with rice too!

What’s your favorite salmon recipe?  Try one of mine…

Maple-Teryiaki Salmon

Maple-Teryiaki Salmon

Basic Salmon Cakes/Burgers

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Wasabi Salmon

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Tex-Mex Fish Tacos (Guest Post)

Hello friends!  I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in Philly… how about you?  

Today I want to introduce you to Meredith from ReadySetEat.com.  She will be posting an amazing recipe for you today that is just perfect for this time of year:  Fish Tacos!  I have never tried to make them on my own but I cannot wait to try this recipe.  It sounds fresh and so delish!  


Easy Summer Dinner: Tex-Mex Fish Tacos

Is there anything more summery than fresh seafood? Fish, shrimp, scallops and crab are delicious all year round, but there’s just something about eating seafood in the summertime that makes you feel like you’re lounging poolside even if you’re stuck in an office or miles away from the nearest beach!

One of the most popular summer seafood dishes is, unsurprisingly, also one of the most delicious: fish tacos. Fish tacos are one of those meals that seems to pop up on every menu at every restaurant the minute it gets warm out, and for good reason. Instead of your typical beef, steak or chicken tacos, fish tacos tend to be a little lighter and are bursting with summery flavors like lime, cilantro and crunchy jicama.

These Tex-Mex Fish Tacos are topped with a fresh slaw, heart-healthy avocado and a zippy salsa, putting them into the delicious category of good-for-you tomato recipes. In place of the avocado, these tacos would also be delicious with your favorite guacamole recipe for extra flavor. They make an easy weeknight dinner but are also definitely impressive enough for entertaining friends and family; they’re perfect for a tasty twist on taco night. Make them from the comfort of your own kitchen and you’ll never feel the need to splurge on them during a dinner out for the rest of summer!

Tex-Mex Fish Tacos

Total Time: 45 min

Serves: 4

• 1 pound pollock or cod fillets, thawed if frozen

• 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

• 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

• PAM® Grilling Spray

• 1 can (14.5 oz each) Hunt’s® Petite Diced Tomatoes, drained

• 1/3 cup finely chopped red onion

• 1 tablespoon minced jalapeno pepper

• 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro

• 2 teaspoons minced garlic

• 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

• 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

• 1 teaspoon granulated sugar

• 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

• 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

• 1 cup julienned jicama

• 1 cup shredded napa cabbage

• 1/4 cup shredded carrot

• 12 white corn tortillas (6 inch), heated

• 1 large avocado, cut into 24 slices

For the Fish:

Sprinkle fish with salt and pepper. Spray a grill pan with grilling spray; heat over medium-high heat.

Place fish in the pan and cook for 5 to 7 minutes on each side or until fish flakes easily with a fork (if you’re using a meat thermometer, it should read 145°F). Cool slightly and shred with forks.

For the Salsa:

Combine tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, olive oil, sugar, kosher salt and pepper in a medium bowl; set aside.

Complete the Tacos!

Combine jicama, cabbage and carrot in a medium bowl. Place 2 tablespoons fish in the center of each tortilla. Top with about ¼ cup of the jicama mixture, 2 tablespoons salsa and 2 slices avocado. Fold in half and serve immediately.

Tex-Mex Fish Tacos

Author Bio: This is a guest post by Meredith K. on behalf of Hunt’s®. For easy summer recipes, or for a classic easy lasagna recipe or easy meatloaf recipe, visit http://www.hunts.com.

Thank you Meredith for sharing such an awesome recipe with us!  I want to eat these now!

Sweet & Spicy Citrus Marinade

I don’t make seafood enough.  Call this my attempt to rectify that fact.  I make salmon a lot, but it’s normally broiled or grilled with the same spicy Asian teriyaki mix.  I’m over it.  It’s time for some change (cue Peter Brady… when it’s time to change you’ve got to rearrange!!!!) in my seafood repertoire; I’m going to put some Tilapia in the mix today.

I made this marinade the other day and used it with the Tilapia.  It turned out really well, and I would absolutely use it again!  The original recipe says it would be good on chicken, but I thought the citrus worked really well with the fish.  I think it would be really great on the grill in the summer!

Sweet & Spicy Citrus Marinade

Recipe from:  Cooking Light


  • 1/2 cup fresh orange juice (1 Orange) 
  • 3 Tablespoons fresh lime juice (2 Limes)
  • 1 Tablespoon brown sugar 
  • 1 Tablespoon EVOO
  • 2 teaspoons low-sodium soy sauce 
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt 
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika

Directions:  For the Tilapia, I took 4 fillets and placed them in a cooking-spray coated pyrex dish.  Combine the marinade ingredients (except paprika) and pour over the fish.  Let sit for 15-20 minutes.  Broil in the oven for 15 minutes or until the fish is done.  Top with Paprika and some fresh Black Pepper.



and After!

and After!

Vancouver, BC

“Vancouver?  Like in Canada?”

I remember one of our first conversations going something like that.  Dave’s father’s entire family is from Vancouver, and yes, the Vancouver in Canada.  At first, it sounded so foreign, I couldn’t believe he was actually CANADIAN?!  Weird.  I pretty much didn’t know anything about Vancouver either… what the weather’s like, what type of people live there, what they eat, what the scenery is… I had no clue.  
Just 2 months before our 2-Year Anniversary, Dave and I went on a vacation to Vancouver.  We had a couple of things on our agenda:  
1.  Visit Family & Grandpa Harry 
2.  See Vancouver  
3.  White Water Rafting 
4.  Peak 2 Peak Gondola at Whistler
5.  See Olympic Stuff 
6.  Eat Chinese Food
7.  Eat Fish & Chips
1.  Visit Family and Grandpa Harry.  
Dave’s Grandpa Harry sadly has passed away since we visited.  He was a truly amazing man who literally went from having nothing and living in a foreign country… to owning his own business, serving in WW2, and raising a wonderful family.  I am so happy and lucky to have met him and be able to spend time with him.  Dave’s two aunts are still living in Vancouver along with one of his cousins who have four kids.  We spent much of our time in Vancouver visiting with them.  We even got to have a Shabbat Dinner with them, which was really special.

Here’s Grandpa Harry on the left, and then a few pictures we took with Dave’s Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Ken

  2.  Vancouver.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place in my pre-Dave life.  It is honestly the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen.  Vancouver is surrounded by the beach to one side and mountains to the other.  It is so gorgeous.  Most of the year, it is rainy… almost similar to the reputation of Seattle.  However, in the summer or when the sun is out, it is just amazing!  We had almost perfect weather the entire time we visited.  

What a gorgeous city! … laughing at an actual Canadian Goose!

3.  White Water Rafting.  I had never been before and had no idea what to expect… but I was SCARED.  OMG!  About halfway through our trip, we rented a car and drove North up the Sea-to-Sky Highway towards Whistler.  The trip down the Elaho River was so much fun.  I remember the BEST part about it was the part i FEARED the most… being out of the boat and in the river!  Our guide let us jump out during a class 1 rapid and float along with the boat.  The water was SO cold it literally took my breath away.  The most surprising part (besides the fact that I didn’t die during this and that I loved it) was the water:  it was the most amazing, fresh water I’ve ever had in my life.  The water looked just like “Glacier Freeze” Gaterade flavor… and I could not stop keeping my mouth wide open and drinking some.  

Such a beautiful drive!

We got to see some gorgeous viewpoints

We found these train tracks just before the meeting spot for rafting…


Look at that water!!

Along the way to rafting, there were tons of “Viewpoint” signs and little stop offs for photo ops.  We had left super early so we were able to stop at EVERY one to take some pretty pictures and explore.  
4.  Peak-to-Peak Gondola Ride in Whistler.  From our rafting excursion, Dave and I drove up to Whistler.  We stopped by one of the sites of the Olympic events then checked into our hotel, the Crystal Lodge.  The whole area of Whistler is adorable, with tons of cute ski shops and hotels.  We ate a pretty fancy dinner that night then went out to a bar.  The next day we took the Peak-to-Peak Gondola Ride from Blackcomb Mountain to Whistler Mountain.  We then took a ski lift up even higher, to then climb up more to reach the most unbelievable view ever.  I am a little bit afraid of heights, so it was really scary but so worth it!

… we though that this was as high as we were gonna go!

… this was alllll the way on the top!

5.  See Olympic Stuff.  Not only were we able to see some of the Olympic areas in Whistler, but we got to visit so many of the Olympic Statue signs and also the monument from the Opening Lighting Ceremony (you remember it… the with Steve Nash’s side not working?).  It was really awesome though, and it was only a few months after so we were still in the Olympic spirit!
6.  One of the most talked-about parts of Vancouver (from Dave’s stories) is how they have the best Chinese food ever.  Vancouver’s population is ONE-FIFTH Asian (thank you BBC) so I had some pretty high expectations for the Chinese food.  The area of town we were staying in, where Grandpa Harry lives (Oakridge, directly South of the center city) didn’t have anything open late.  Every time we tried to get some Chinese take-out… they were all closed!  One of the nights, we went on a mission to find one.  We found a place that looked open and walked in…  We walked in on a Chinese Wedding… during the beginning of a toast!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were mortified but ran out laughing hysterically.  Everyone turned around and looked at us.  Just like what would happen in a movie.
Dave’s Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Ken solved our problem and took us to a pretty delicious Chinese place the night after.  Of course, this was all pre-blogging so I didn’t snap a picture of every piece of food we ate. 😦  However, it was really tasty and  a much higher quality than the stuff we eat here.
7.  Eat Fish & Chips.  I had been hearing about how amazing the Fish and Chips were in Vancouver since I met Dave’s Dad.  On one of our walks, we discovered what we believe (and every top fish/chips list believe too) to be the BEST Fish and Chips in Vancouver, and what is totally on our “Best Thing I Ever Ate” list:  Go Fish.  Go Fish is a really tiny little shack of a place where you order, then eat your food outside along the water on picnic tables.  I could seriously rave about this place and what we ate for hours.

First Fish and Chips…

… the BEST Fish and Chips @ Go Fish! YUMMMM

Dave is actually in Vancouver right now (FYI in case you haven’t been paying attention!) and he happened to JUST call me about five minutes ago to tell me he ate lunch at Go Fish.  He said, “Don’t mind me but I have to GLOAT for a minute because you’re going to be SO JEALOUS.  I just had the best meal EVER”.  I am super jealous.  YUMMMMMMM!

We could have ended our trip at this point… with these 7 points accomplished.  What a great trip would that have been?  Now, of course I don’t have to tell you that vacations, adventures, and well… life… isn’t just about what you have planned.  It’s all about the surprises that come up along the way… 
So, besides the huge surprise of Vancouver being the BEST city ever… the first surprise I came across during our trip was Kernel’s Popcorn.  We discovered Kernel’s walking through the mall in Oakridge on our first day there.  It’s just a little popcorn stand in the middle of the mall, but it’s the best!  They start with low-fat popcorn instead of regular buttery stuff most places use.  They toss it with some amazing seasonings!  We went back at least twice during the time we were there, and even bought a seasoning for home.  A few of the nights we spent in our room reading books and eating Kernel’s Popcorn.  MMM!
How could I almost forget to tell you about JapaDog?  JapaDog is exactly what it sounds like:  Japanese influenced hot dogs.  Dave and I came across this place not too long after we ate lunch, and we still had to try it out.  Check out the menu, how could we resist?  I think we got the Terimayo which is their signature dog.  It was REALLY good.  They also have a few different types of asian-inspired sauces to top the dog.  YUM!  For those of you who are dying to try this, they just opened up their first location out of Canada, right next to NYU.

Japadog, I wish there was one in Philly!

Granville Island was probably my favorite section of Vancouver.  It is a small part of town where the Granville Market (farmers market), artists, and shopping are.  The Market was one of my favorite stops on our trip.  Duh.  

gorgeous berries

A totally different area that I loved was Steveston.  Steveston is a fishing town in Richmond, southwest of Vancouver.  We got to visit Steveston as apart of our day with Dave’s Aunt Sharon and Uncle Sol who (at the time) lived in Richmond.  Steveston was pretty amazing.  We had some really really good food on the pier, and walked around to all of the boats who sell FRESH fish right off of the boat.  I have never experienced anything like this before, it is really cool.  We also got to take a tour of the Cannery, where they used to can salmon.  I really liked this part too!  We took a gorgeous walk from Steveston to Sharon and Sol’s house who made us an awesome dinner:  the FRESHEST salmon I’ve had in my life, bought that day from Steveston.  YUM!

Get ‘cha fresh fish!!!

Hangin’ out at the cannery

Scenes from our walk from Steveston to Sharon’s house… gorgeous trail along the beach! (my dream house too!)

One of the “things to do” in Vancouver is to go on the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  Here’s the trick:  it would have cost us $50 to cross the bridge, so we went to the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge instead.  Lynn Valley’s bridge isn’t as long, or maybe isn’t as breathtaking as Capilano, but it’s FREE!  We spent a few hours in this area and took an awesome hike through the forest and the river.  I highly recommend this hike to anyone visiting Vancouver!

Another surprise activity was our trip to Horseshoe Bay.  Horseshoe Bay wasn’t very far from Lynn Valley so we made the trek out there after our hike.  We ate these amazing salmon wraps at a restaurant with seating overlooking the bay, and rented a boat! I was too nervous to drive the boat, so I made Dave do it for most of the time.  It was so beautiful and peaceful out there.  We even saw seals sunbathing on one of the rocks in the middle.  

had to represent PSU!


TWICE during our trip, I let Dave take me to see the Canucks (Vancouver’s hockey team) practice.  Of course, this wasn’t the best part of my trip, but it was really cool to be there.  We also got to meet a few of the players when they were done!
Wreck Beach was one of our last stops on the tour of Vancouver.  Located west of the city and right in the middle of everything UBC (University of British Columbia), Wreck Beach is a “clothing-optional” park.  Now I’m reminded we’re in Canada, not the US! We of course… chose to wear our clothes.  You’d think this was a relaxing part of our trip, but you have to climb down (and then up!) 450 stairs just to get there!  OMG!
If the fabulous fresh fish and amazing food wasn’t enough to convince you to go visit here sometime, I’m sure the pictures did!  I love love love Vancouver, and hope that I’ll be able to visit there again someday soon!