SoWe Restaurant & Bar

A requirement of Dave’s when we decided to move was that we had to have a neighborhood bar.  After living in a residential area for two years in his old apartment, he was ready to live somewhere he could walk home from.  You know, a bar where everybody knows your name… that sort of thing.

In the month we’ve lived in the city, we’ve found tons of great restaurants and bars in walking distance from our apartment.  We’re loving the city life.  Of course it took Dave going away for a boys weekend for me to discover what I think will be one of our very favorite neighborhood bars.  Sorry Dave!  We’ll just have to go back!

I took a walk with my friend Emily down the street to SoWe Restaurant and Bar for dinner this past weekend.  We knew it was going to be a great place when I saw the specials written on a pig shaped chalkboard.

We started the meal off with drinks from the cocktail list.  Emily ordered the Fall Fiz (Vodka, Dried Cranberries, Ginger) and I chose to get the Gazer (Hendricks Gin, White Cranberry, St. Germaine, and Cucumber) at the recommendation of our server.  We really liked both of our drinks.  Both drinks were refreshing and not too sweet.  They were pretty too, mine with a light green color and Em’s with bright red cranberries covering the bottom.

For starters, we ordered the Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potato Fries.  The fries were so good, fresh and cooked to perfection with sea salt and an amazing sweet maple dipping sauce.  The Brussels are cooked with Bacon and Red Bell Peppers in Balsamic Vinegar.  I could eat like three servings of these.  YUM!

I. Love. BRUSSELS.  Especially when they're cooked with Bacon.  MMM

I. Love. BRUSSELS. Especially when they’re cooked with Bacon. MMM

Crispy Sweet Po Fries

Crispy Sweet Po Fries

Next up, Emily ordered the special appetizer of the night for her entree- Fish Tacos.  They sounded too good to pass up!  Em loved the fish tacos which were stuffed with grilled Tilapia, Mango Salsa, and a creamy Jalapeno sauce.  I couldn’t resist trying out the SoWe Burger after seeing someone else’s picture of it on Yelp.  The fries were amazing.  I somehow managed to cut my burger and take half home since it was so incredibly massive (a feat i attempt often but rarely accomplish).  The signature 1/2lb burger comes on a toasted brioche bun.  It’s stuffed with fried Peppers and Onions, Sharp Cheddar, Smoked Bacon, and a delicious Horseradish Mayo.  This is a burger you do not want to miss.  OMG!

Wish this was on the menu, not just a special

Wish this was on the menu, not just a special

Everything about this burger was delicious!  Aghghhhh YUM

Everything about this burger was delicious! Aghghhhh YUM

I think we did a pretty good job of finding a great neighborhood bar with yummy food and drinks!  The atmosphere was laid back and the service was great.  SoWe is a place I’ll definitely be coming back to… I’m thinkin’ next time for some Tuesday $1 Oysters and Quizzo!

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Gypsy Saloon

What every girl needs sometimes is a GIRLS NIGHT!  Lucky for me, one of my girlfriends Colleen is in agreement that every good girls night should start with some GOOD FOOD!

Colleen took me to a small bar in Conshohocken called The Gypsy Saloon.  We got there pretty late, so there was already a DJ blasting some dance music.  There were still a few tables left for dinner service, so we picked one in the corner so we could chat.

With the exception of the LOUD music, the place was awesome.  It took us forever to decide on what to order since everything on the menu sounded delish.  We started off with drinks and an order of the Island Grill’s Crabby Fries.  The fries were unbelievable.  I actually can’t stop thinking about them!  I’m afraid to say it but they are better than Chickie’s and Pete’s FAMOUS Crab Fries.  They’re that good!  The fries were perfectly hot and crispy, and they were tossed with huge pieces ofOldBay sautéed crabmeat.  Colleen had been here before and made a special request to add the “Italian Fondue” side of cheese dip that comes along with the other type of fries.  MMM!

Unbelievable Old Bay Fries WITH tons of Crabmeat

For our main dishes, Colleen ordered the Blue Cheese Flatbread and I ordered the Blackened Salmon.

The size of the serving of salmon on my dish was huge!  It was blackened and served over lobster mashed potatoes and sautéed baby bok choy.  They also topped it off with a reduced balsamic drizzle which was a nice tangy counter to the overpowering flavors from the blackening seasoning.

Blackened Salmon w/ Lobster Mac & Cheese and Baby Bok Choy

Colleen’s Blue Cheese Flatbread was mouthwatering.  Literally- I was still on my no-cheese diet and refused to try it.  I LOVE blue cheese and this flatbread had my name written all over it!  The flatbread was smothered with melted blue cheese and topped with caramelized onions and roasted red grapes- how interesting!  Colleen said it was really yummy.

Blue Cheese Flatbread with Roasted Grapes

I loved girls night, and we plan to have another one soon (so we can try Gypsy Saloon’s signature Lobster Mac & Cheese) !!