Hunger Games Viewing Party

I LOVE the Hunger Games.  Love love love love love!!!

If you’re not living under a rock, you may have heard that the best selling book series turned movie was just released on DVD this past weekend.

After successfully converting my boyfriend, sister, mother, and even father into huge HG fans… we bought the DVD and are ready to watch!

I’ve seen it twice, but my parent’s haven’t and we all can’t wait!

In an ideal world… (dream bubble, here we go!) I would show up at home tonight wearing a Katniss Everdeen inspired outfit, including leather jacket, braid, and bow&arrow.  I would have had time and money to prepare an entire Capitol feast for everyone, including some lamb stew with dried plums.  

Unfortunately… today is Tuesday and I am COMMITTED to working out.  Tuesdays are my “big” day as I call it, I work out for a while concluding with my all-time favorite class, PowerStrike (somewhat like kickboxing).  Since I’ll be arriving home at around 8pm, I had to make due with just bringing some HG-themed apps:

I bought a few different types of bread from a local bakery, to represent some of the 12 districts in Panem (hunger games lingo, just go with it).  

Next, come the berries which come into play at a very important party of the story!  I picked up some blueberries and blackberries for dessert. 

I also bought some Garlic&Herb Goat Cheese, also important in the book, as Katniss’ sister Prim makes Goat Cheese from her very own Goat to sell in the market.  MMM!

Maybe I’ll burn some of my bread and throw it at Dave as a symbolic sign of love and affection.  🙂

Here are some other great ideas for HG Party Food ideas, in case you were thinking of having one too!