Rosemary Balsamic Chicken

I’m running out of ideas for my Newly-Low-Carb-Eating boyfriend.  Running home from work on Tuesday at 8pm after working out all night, all I could think of was Chicken.  Grilled Chicken.  In a different way.  What now?!

Rachael Ray to the rescue!

Now, whatever her original dinner plan for this chicken was… I have no idea.  It’s a big huge mess of words.  (rosemary-chicken-breasts-brown-butter-balsamic-ravioli-spinach-salad-pancetta-sweet-vinaigrette-recipe … to be exact).  I knew I had rosemary and that I did NOT want to go to the grocery store.

This chicken ended up being really, really tasty and a big hit with Dave too.  If you don’t have fresh rosemary, just use the dried stuff, and you probably won’t have to leave your house either!

Rosemary Balsamic Chicken

Recipe inspired by:  Rachael Ray

Serves 2


6-8 oz Chicken Breast per serving (so I had 14oz), cut thin

2 Tablespoons (about) Balsamic Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

3 stems of Rosemary (or 1 Tablespoon Dried), stripped and chopped

Sea Salt & Black Pepper

2 Cloves Garlic, minced


1.  Place the chicken breasts in a bowl or dish.  Season with Salt, Pepper, and Rosemary on both sides.  Pour Balsamic Vinegar over the chicken (if you’re using a flat surface, until it just covers).   Add the Olive Oil.  Let sit for 10 minutes.

2.  Heat a Grill Pan or non-stick skillet over medium heat.  Spray with Pam or a little bit of olive oil.  Add the garlic and then the chicken to the pan.  Cook for about 5-6 minutes on each side or until the chicken is cooked through (depends on thickness. Cut a slit in the thickest part to check if you aren’t sure!)

I served this chicken for Dave and I with a big side of salted edamame and a salad.  I was also thinking that some Sauteed Squash or Zucchini would be great with this chicken.  MMM!

The balsamic created a really great sticky delicious crust on the bottom and top of the chicken that I wasn’t expecting… it made it so yummy.

Let me know if anyone has any great low-carb ideas!  I’m running out 🙂



… and after

Southwest Chicken Melts

The past two weeks have been so super busy for me.  Besides my normal jam-packed weekends, work has been crazy, I have been ontop of my workout schedule, and I have been shopping like a maniac to get ready to move!  Who has time to make a great dinner when there’s a sale on duvet covers at Bed Bath?

Oh, and I should probably mention… that a lot of my free lunch-break time has been spent with my dear Kindle reading the second book of 50 Shades of Gray.  Talk about deeeeelish.

I wanted to share today’s recipe with you not only because it was really yummy, but because I’m probably going to make it again soon.  Yesterday marked the boyfriend Dave’s first day on a new diet.  He changed around some things and also wants to do LOW-NO CARBS for three weeks.  Ugh.  I think Chicken Melts will be our new theme for dinner.  (I was hoping for that to be stuffed potatoes, but clearly those will have to wait)

This recipe stood out to me and has been saved in “My Recipe” box for months because of the Roasted Poblanos… mmmmmmmmmmmm!

What was really special about this dinner is that my Dad helped me make it.  My dad has a few specialties… he makes a mean Grilled Cheese, Captain Crunch with Chocolate Milk, Sweet & Spicy Bacon, and really, really, really good Roasted Red Peppers.  While I’ve been meaning to learn how to do the Peppers for a while, I haven’t quite found the time yet, so when he was coerced offered to help me with the Poblanos, I was so excited.

Poblano Chiles ready to roast! Thanks Dad!

Southwest Chicken Melts

Recipe inspired by:  Sunset, 2010

Makes:  4 Servings


2 Tablespoons of Oil (I use Sunflower Seed Oil)

4 Poblano Chiles

4 Chicken Breasts (if you have the monster-huge ones, slice them in half)

2 teaspoons Cumin

1/2 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

1 teaspoon Sea Salt

Black Pepper

Lime Wedges

1 Avocado, pitted & sliced

1/2-1 Cup Shredded Cheese (I used Cabot Reduced Fat Jalapeno Cheddar)


1.  Put your oven on the broil setting.  Prepare a broiler pan with water.  Rub 1 Tablespoon of oil on the chiles.  Place the Chiles on the broiler pan and put in the oven (dont forget to leave the door open on broil!).  Keep your eye on the peppers, as you’ll need to turn the chiles 90 degrees (with tongs) once the skin ontop has browned.  Repeat until all sides are dark brown or charred.  

2.  Take the “burnt” chiles and plop them right into a brown paper bag.  Either place the bag in a plastic bag to avoid leakage or use a brown paper grocery bag wrapped in a plastic bag (we save ours when we go shopping!).  Close the paper bag and allow the chiles to steam for 10-20 minutes and let cool.  Leave the broiler on, you’ll use it later.

3.  Meanwhile, you can rub or spray 1 a little bit of oil over the chicken breasts.  Combine the seasonings (cumin, cayenne, salt, pepper) and sprinkle over the chicken breasts.  Grill the chicken or use a grill pan and cook, turning once until browned and cooked through (maybe 5 minutes each side if they’re thin sliced).  

4.  Take the cooled chiles and peel off the skin running under cold water if need be.  Slice off the top.  Slice in half and remove seeds to lower the heat, leave them in to keep it hot.

5.  Squeeze some lime over the chicken, top with avocado slices, a reserved roasted poblano, and a sprinkle to a 1/4 cup of cheese.  Put the assembled chicken breasts onto the broiler pan and broil for maybe 3 minutes until the cheese starts to bubble and just brown.  Enjoy!

Shred your own cheese! A nice cheddar or jack cheese would do here. I had a block of reduced fat and like to go a little healthier whenever possible.

I used some extra avocado since only 2 of us wanted it and it was just too good to waste!



MMM… getting hungry today thinking about this one!  We ate the melts with a side salad, but you could do black beans, rice, or even put it on a nice crusty roll if you’re not trying to Low-Carb like Dave!

Another variation would be to buy a jar of roasted red peppers which will cut down on the time it takes to make these and also would cut down on the heat.


Lunchtime Tuesday, Week 6

I’m not gonna lie.  Today’s lunch is soooooo boring.  I ran out of time last night to make a substantial and interesting healthy lunch for myself.  Whoops!  In typical Good to be the Cook fashion, I’m eating a plethora of seriously random but healthy things today:

1/2 Leftover Grilled Chicken Breast

2 Large Carrots, peeled, cut, and ready to dip into 1 Laughing Cow Wedge

1 Salad, complete with a whole bunch of lettuce, sliced carrot, sliced sweet pepper, 3 sliced Grape Tomatoes and 1 Tablespoon Dressing… that’s all I had left!

and… 2 Hard Boiled Egg Whites.

See what I mean?  Like, how boring, and strange of me?  Oh well!  I save one Apple and a Greek Yogurt for later and I’ll be roarin’ and ready to go for my long workout evening.

Since today’s lunch is so not photo worthy, I wanted to tell you about a lunch I made last week…

If you didn’t see this ridiculous all-in-one dinner of Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Baked Potatoes, check it out now!

For this lunch, I used the leftover chicken I had while making this recipe.  I love to make enough food the night before that I’ll be able to use it over again for lunch.  It’s a great way to save money and time!

Grilled Chicken Wrap

1 Whole Wheat Wrap 

4-6 ounces Grilled Chicken Breast, diced or pulled

1 Tablespoon Honey Mustard

1 handful Lettuce

2 Slices Cucumber, cut into smaller pieces

2 Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half

1/4 Avocado, Diced

Directions:  Starting with the chicken, pile everything onto the middle of the wrap.  Drizzle with the honey mustard.  You can use more if you’d like… mustard is the best dressing you can use (in terms of healthy!)  Fold the wrap first lengthwise, then from the bottom, and then the long side.  I recommend starting the folding already on a sheet of foil, so you can use the foil to keep everything in place.  (Burrito style)  When you go to eat it, pull the foil back and keep it on the bottom so it doesn’t fall apart.

This was a great meal and an awesome change up from my normal Turkey Sandwich.  I think that the avocado replaces the need for cheese… it’s creamy and tastes so good!  I ate the wrap with a handful of baby carrots, a laughing cow cheese, and an apple.  It was really filling!  I wish I had this today too 😦