Allie’s Housewarming Party!

I am so proud of my friends Allie and Jay who just bought their very own first house!!

They live in a great area and their house is coming together beautifully!  Allie is my friend I always, always talk about on It’s Good to be the Cook.  She is such a sweetheart, and one of the people who inspired me to start my blog!  Allie and her awesome blog, All I Eat Food is something you should definitely check out!  She’s been crazy busy with work and moving, so she hasn’t posted much recently, but her 2 years of posts will surely be enough to keep you busy in the kitchen for a while!

I was super excited when Allie asked me to help out on the morning of their housewarming party.  We had a great time in the kitchen with her boyfriend Jay, who actually is the most helpful boyfriend I’ve ever met!

If you enjoy Etsy and Pinterest, you’ll just love what Allie and Jay not only did for their party, but how they decorated their house.  Allie has even already started her own garden, and gave out huge cucumbers to everyone at the party as a favor… I’m telling you, she’s the cutest.

The food and goodies Allie put together was just too adorable to not show you.  Here’s just a sneak peak of Allie’s Housewarming Party!

They even had a menu… Jay has great handwriting!

The first-round of the spread! The trays of desserts, pulled BBQ pork, and Meatballs and Sausage sandwiches were there too!

My absolute favorite appetizer. All of this amazing Antipasto stuff skewered onto ROSEMARY. So flavorful. WOW!

Crab Dip!

Adorable straws and colored markers to label your cup!

Fresh Fruit for “Make your own Cookies” MMMMMM!