4th of July

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!  Here in Philly, it was as hot as Will Smith was kicking alien butt in Independence Day (haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa).

Seriously though, that is the best movie ever.  I was really happy AMC had it on last night.

Although I unfortunately had to work this holiday, I was able to sneak in a much-needed workout:  a spin class with my favorite instructor where I burned over 700 calories.  🙂

ready, set, spin!

patriotic! as fancy as my nails get 🙂

After work, my family and I made a visit with our family friends to the pool I grew up going to.  It was weird being there, without all of our friends, not knowing anyone, and seeing all of the changes.  Dave, Sammy, and I took a few turns off of the diving board and I finally finished the Rob Lowe book.  Everyone- read it.  It’s SO AMAZING.

We showered up, and drove down to Chesapeake City, MD for some hard shell crabs.  It is a family tradition and one of my favorite meals EVER.  The Tap Room is the restaurant we go to, and they are awesome.  The tables are covered with a brown-paper bag-like table cloth, and pouring your ketchup directly onto the table is encouraged.

Some of us order MD Crab Soup, Corn on the Cob, French Fries, and the best Onion Rings out there.  Everything is covered in Old Bay and is super salty and delicious.

Alan fixes up his soup and Sammy shows off one of his 8 crabs he devoured!

yum yum yum! Fries, Steamers, Onion Rings, and MUSSELS!

This batch of crabs were “Jumbos”, one of the biggest sizes out there.  We ordered two dozen seasoned, which of course means they are doused with more Old Bay.  I am telling you, I’ve been eating crabs for years… these were the BEST crabs I’ve ever eaten.  OMG.  They were not only huge but so meaty and sweet and juicy.

The town itself is a little strange… there is never anyone outside, except for on their boats or in the bar.  They do have one beautiful view of the Chesapeake!

PRETTY! Notice my smile is a little off! Still getting used to the invisalign… didn’t even notice I was smiling funny.

What did you make for the 4th?  Link me!