Blueberry Oatmeal in a Mug

Today after my workout I was starving.

Some small meals I like to eat after my workouts in the morning are usually smoothies, yogurt with fruit, or some eggs and toast.

This morning, my Mom suggested we try a recipe she saw on Pinterest.

It was really awesome and I would like to try it in a different variation some time too!  It’s so easy and healthy too.  This recipe ends up adding up to just under 200 calories, but with almost 10 grams of protein.  The best part is that it takes like under 5 minutes to make.  🙂

Blueberry Oatmeal in a Mug


1/4 Cup Quick Oats

1 teaspoon Brown Sugar

1 Egg

1 splash Skim Milk

Handful of Blueberries (washed and dried)



1.  Mix everything in a bowl.  Put it all in a coffee mug.  

2.  Microwave for 2 minutes.  Start watching it around 1 minute in to make sure that it doesn’t totally overflow.  One blueberry popped out of mine, but it turned out fine.  I stopped mine around the 1:50 min. mark.  

YUM!  This was a great change up in my breakfast routine.  I might actually even put some in tupperware and bring it to work to microwave in my mug there.

I flipped it out on a plate and added a little extra cinnamon 🙂

Great way to use some fresh blueberries

A little dab of light butter will make this reallllly fabulous