Green Apple & White Cheddar Tuna Melt

It was an Instagram picture that got me to want this delicious open-faced sandwich.  Allie, one of my closest friends and favorite bloggers… has been super stressed out with work and on a semi-blogging hiatus (sadface).  She still cooks amazing food and will occasionally torture us with ridiculously yummy looking food-porn pictures.

Allie’s Green Apple Tuna melt appeared on my Instagram feed which led me to call her immediately, requesting a recipe to be emailed or a new blog post.  Allie (being the best) did it right away!

Wouldn't this picture do you in too?  It was like love at first sight...

Wouldn’t this picture do you in too? It was like love at first sight…

Which leads me to last night’s dinner:  Green Apple with White Cheddar Tuna Melt.  The verdict?  DELICIOUS.  What an awesome combination of flavors, and what a great idea to spice up an otherwise boring brown-bag-lunch kind of meal.

Green Apple & White Cheddar Tuna Melt

Recipe slightly adapted from:  Allie’s All I Eat Food

Serves:  2 (thoughts on this, read below)


2 Whole Wheat English Muffins, sliced

2 cans of Tuna (I, like Allie… like to eat a whole can if I’m eatin’ it!), chopped with a knife

2 stalks Celery, finely diced

2 large Carrots, peeled and finely diced

1 teaspoon Freeze-Dried Chives (also seen in Buff Chix Soup)

2 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard (Trader Joe’s is a great one)

2 heaping Tablespoons Olive Oil Mayo, or light

4 thin slices Green Apple, peeled

Shredded White Cheddar Cheese (I used a large pinch per sandwich)

Sea Salt & Black Pepper


1.  Toast your English Muffins.  Preheat the oven to 425.

2.  Combine Tuna, Celery, Carrots, Chives, Mustard & Mayo in a bowl.  Mix until well combined.  Taste and season as you like (I like to use garlic powder, dill, hot sauce… you name it… but not all together!  The mustard in this batch was so good I didn’t need to though)

3.  Prepare a cookie sheet with foil.  Place the English Muffins on the foil.  Spoon the tuna out evenly and pile onto the English Muffin halves.  Put an apple slice ontop, and lightly smush down to make the top flat for the cheese.  Sprinkle the cheese on top.

4.  Set the oven to broil.  Place the cookie sheet with the tuna sandwiches in the top section of the oven and don’t leave unattended.  Broil for a minute or two or until the cheese is melted and just starts to brown.  Remove from the oven and sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper.

Before broiling w/ cheese ontop

Before broiling w/ cheese ontop

MMMM... could not wait to devour!  I served this with some sauteed up Cauliflower and Mushrooms (Grapeseed Oil, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Smoked Paprika... that's it!)

MMMM… could not wait to devour! I served this with some sauteed up Cauliflower and Mushrooms (Grapeseed Oil, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Smoked Paprika… that’s it!)

photo 3 (5) (1)

SO, now that you see just how yummy these looked, let me tell you what I think.  I’ve already raved about how good they taste (YUM), but I’m not sure about the serving size.

I, for one, typically have “big eye” syndrome and always want to eat more.  We ate the tuna for dinner, but also had a very small side salad and some sauteed veggies on the side (i was thinking to replace chips).  I also personally always “take turns” when I’m eating something that’s more than one part… as in… one bite sandwich… one bite salad… one bite veggies.  LOL.

SOOO… long story short… I was STUFFED and didn’t even get to finish my second half of tuna sandwich.  It just sat there all sad, wanting me to finish it… but I couldn’t!  I was just too full.

With all of that being said, I think you could eat one half for lunch, and even just one half for dinner if you have something on the side.  If you want both halves, go ahead but don’t waste your time making sides like I did!  This tuna melt is FILLING!

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Tuna (salad) Salad & Chicken Cutlet Salad

I HATE when i run out of things to eat for dinner.  In a perfect world, I’d have a whole menu plan complete with 5 different recipes to try out every night of the week.  Of course… I do NOT live in that dream world… I live in a world where I’m on a budget, I have to workout after work is over and get home at 7pm (on an early day).  In that world, I’m LUCKY if I have an interesting dinner that’s not pre-planned all week.

Do you have nights like that?  Where you come home starving, with not much time to throw together a quick meal?  These nights have become my specialty.

A great solution to this problem is to throw together a nice big salad with a bunch of stuff you have in your kitchen already.  My salads on nights like these don’t always necessarily match or have homemade dressings or fancy cheeses… but they are fun, usually colorful, and a healthy way to end my night!

Tuna Salad Salad:  Baby Lettuce Mix, Grape Tomatoes, Mandarin Oranges, Olives, Blueberries, Blue Cheese, and a nice scoop of 1/2 Can Tuna Salad (using Canola Mayo and not very much of it).  I also topped this one off with “garlic bread” made from some leftover whole wheat burger buns from another meal.  I throw on some spray butter, salt, pepper, garlic powder & smoked paprika.  Stick it in the toaster.  Dee-lish.  To change it up- add some Frank’s Hot Sauce in your tuna… Dave LOVES this.  Top it all off with Ken’s Light Asian Sesame Dressing or just some Balsamic Vinegar.  

Chicken Cutlet Salad:  Baby Lettuce Mix, Grape Tomatoes, Mandarin Oranges, Olives, Roasted Red Peppers, Cherry Peppers, Feta Cheese, Carrots, one serving (5 lol) Fat Free Croutons, and 1 Low Fat Perdue Chicken Cutlet- cooked and chopped.  Top with Ken’s Light Northern Italian Dressing.  YUM!

Beth’s Springtime Tuna Salad

Dave’s Mom, Robin, makes THE BEST tuna salad.  She also makes the best chicken salad- but I’ll have to get her to make us some of that another time.  This post is about TUNA.

The week before Dave moved into his apartment, we were eating dinner with his parents.  We were having such a nice time, until he makes the most irritating claim I’ve ever heard… “when I move out, I’m just going to eat salad with tuna and asian dressing… every night”.  My mouth dropped.  WHAT?!?!  You’re going to eat that EVERY.NIGHT?!?!

I had been so excited to have “my own” kitchen and make new recipes and fun dinners together… the anger burned up inside of me with this comment… “every night”.  Why would he want to eat the same thing every night?

You also should know that at this time, I hated “Asian” Dressing (Ken’s Light Asian Sesame) and also didn’t like Tuna Salad in my salad.  I had a fear of tomatoes, and despised olives… but you know that already :).  Needless to say, this was a nightmare!

It only took a month after Dave moved for him to have me a Tuna-In-My-Salad convert.  I convinced myself to like olives, and a few months later tomatoes.  He also had me addicted (and I still am) to his Asian Dressing.  MMM!  Now it’s up to me to get him to overcome his food fears (Ham, Shrimp, & Mushrooms).  I’m determined, but that’s for some other time.  Again… this is about TUNA!

As yummy as this recipe was, I will have to tell you that I would MUCH rather be eating tuna sashimi or the Spicy Tuna Sundae from Bluefin.  However, a few cans of tuna, some veggies, mayo, and some fresh dill was all I had and all I needed to make a delicious dinner (and what will also be a delicious lunch today!).

Beth’s Springtime Tuna Salad

Recipe adapted from:  Robin’s Tuna Salad
Makes:  6-8 Servings
5 Cans Solid White Albacore Tuna, drained
2 large Carrots, peeled
5 stalks Celery, rinsed
1 Jalapeno, seeded
1 Tablespoon fresh Dill, chopped
1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
1 Cup Olive Oil Mayo (or 1/2 cup mayo, 1/2 cup fat free Sour Cream)
Salt & Pepper
1.  Chop Carrots, Celery & Jalapeno into very very small pieces.  Place the tuna in a large bowl and smash with a fork for a minute or two to separate the larger pieces.  Add the veggies.
2.  Add the Dill, Lemon Juice, and a shake of Sea Salt & a few grinds of Pepper.  Add mayo a little at a time, mixing to combine.  Add enough mayo until it reaches your desired consistency.  I don’t like mine to be too “mayo-ey”, so I try to only add as much as needed.
3.  Enjoy!  Divide into smaller containers to use  more than once.  We ate ours tonight over a nice big salad.  Tomorrow I will eat it with some Melba Snacks or Wheat Thins!

This batch was really yummy but definitely not as good as Robin’s!  

Robert Irvine would be disappointed in my inability to chop these veggies evenly... lol

Veggies ready to be mixed in